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Dos and Donts of Sheetmasking (How To Sheetmask)

Lisa Duran

Posted on February 09 2018

You Used it Where?!

Sheetmasking has gained much popularity! Some people are using it in places other than their are some do's and dont's.

The Main Story

Yes, they're meant for your face...but have you ever applied the serum elsewhere? Of course! But the real question is....where else can I apply my sheetmask ?!

We'll go over some of our Do's and Dont's. After all... Gumii carries patches that can easily be placed wherever you'd like! Lets be real, FINE LINES SHOW UP ANYWHERE THEY WANT.


Do: On Your Face

Use any extra serum to apply to areas you feel weren't as targeted...usually in crevices around the nose area.


Don't: On Your Eyes

Keep serums away from your eyes! It won't be that relaxing having to get out any acidic essence...and  sometimes may require medical attention. In the event...don't panic and rub your eyes with cool water.


Do: On Your Neck 

How annoying are those acne breakouts in the weirdest of your neck!? Don't hesitate to apply extra serum onto the back of your neck if need be...its not weird...


Don't: Below Waist

That's right. What may work on your face may not work elsewhere. Think about it: some people breakout on their face from some masks. Imagine breaking out somewhere underneath your pants...not fun.


Do: On Your Back

Feel free to massage your shoulders in with extra serum! Can't reach your back?

Here's a PRO TIP: use it like a bath bomb and drop the excess serum into your bath for a full body effect.