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Pros & Cons of Subscription Boxes

Lisa Duran

Posted on February 09 2018

Do You Love Subscription 


Are subscription boxes all they are cracked up to be?


Here are our Pros & Cons:

Brand Loyalty

Subscription boxes can grow brand loyalty quickly because consumers are eager to try new things. 



Customers love the option of having different variety sent to them in one transaction. Most customers trust that a company will provide them with a good assortment.



Consumers stop buying because they find that they don't need the product or service.Once they've become members, many consumers complain it's tough to get out.


Bad Customer Service

Particularly, recurring billing problems from random clauses, in conjunction with poor customer service.


ULTIMATELY, the way to stay on top of a subscription is to have something people actually want and will continually use. Subscriptions can be powerful...they just need to have great product and strong customer service to support it.