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The Best Korean Skincare Products

Lisa Duran

Posted on September 26 2017

You asked, so here are

The Best Korean Skincare Products

1. A by Bom Super Power Baby 3 Step Moisturizing Mask -  

This mask tops our list because in addition to being a top tier sheet mask, it includes an eye serum and a soothing face cream. Get it at

2. Mediheal Line Friends Collaboration - 

This collaboration was just gold. Every product in the line continues to be a top selling product on the AB market. Whatever your skin type or condition, there's a mask for it in this line. (The W.H.P Mask was not part of this line but it's a great mask nonetheless.) Get them at

3. Kao Eye Masks - 

Some may say that this mask doesn't exactly qualify as "skincare," but with that being said it's certainly one of the most popular Asian beauty products. Try one of these after your favorite sheetmask and you'll see why. Get the Kao Eye Mask at  

4. AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion - 

This foundation is amazing. Seriously. It's not necessarily one of the most popular items, but those that try AprilSkin products swear by them. The reason this foundation qualifies as skincare is because it's also SPF50+. So, even out your skin tone and protect your skin at the same time. Get the April Skin Magic Snow cushion at

5. Oozoo Injection Mask - 

Don't worry, the syringe goes into the package. This mask is unique because it stores the serum in a syringe to keep it fresh until it's time for use. Any Asian Beauty fanatic should try this mask at least once. Get the Oozoo Injection Mask at  

6. Hanaka Black Rose Acne Peel - 

This mask made waves in the AB community upon it's release. This incredible paste is applied to the face and air dries into a rubbery peel that brings gunk and whiteheads with it. You'll remove dirt and oil you didn't even know was on your face. This is a must try AB product.  Get the Hanaka Black Rose Acne Fighting Mask at  

7. Etude House Collagen Eye Patch - 

Honestly, who has enough time to get enough sleep? I know I don't and until I do, I'm gonna need something for these bags. I must not be alone because these Etude House collagen Eye Patches are insanely popular in the AB community. Get it at 

8. Dr. Jart+ (Full Line) - 

If you haven't heard of Dr.Jart+, you must be brand new to Asian Beauty products. Try these for sure. The entire line is world class and that's why they've maintained their popularity. Shop Dr.Jart+ at


9. Innisfree Masks (Full Line) - 

This line is great, there are many options for all different skin types and situations, but what makes these extra special is there ridiculously low price. These masks go for just $1.99 at

10. Brightening Honey Mask by Papa Recipe - 

Honestly, any Papa Recipe mask would work on this list. But this is a favorite of ours for the delicate honey scent and anything with honey is cool with us. You'll love the brightening effect of this mask. Get this Papa Recipe Mask at

There are so many great sheetmasks to choose from and there are definitely some that you might love more than any on this list. What's important is to try what you can and see what you like and what works best for you!