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The Scary Things Pollution Does to Your Skin And What You Can Do to Prevent It!

Lisa Duran

Posted on April 02 2018

For years, it was the sun that drew negative attention when it came to skincare protection. Now we know just what the pollution in the environment can do to age your skin, and it’s truly scary stuff. Pollution has been shown to cause uneven skin tone and speed up aging. It’s even been linked to skin cancer.

Studies conducted by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology discovered that women in urban environments that were more polluted than rural ones had more wrinkling and dark spots. We might not be able to see these pollutants but they’re there in the form of tiny smoke specks, soot, and acids, all released into the air from cars, buses, power plants, construction sites, and even brush fires.

Because these particles are so small, they’re able to get into your pores and down into the deepest layers of your skin. They wreak havoc by causing inflammation, skin dehydration, and destroy skin’s elasticity and firmness.

While this is all scary stuff indeed, you can do something about it. Adding some simple steps to your beauty routine will help you keep pollution out of your pores and keep your skin youthful and glowing no matter where you live. In Asian countries, women still look dazzlingly beautiful despite the epic pollution in the big cities there. What’s their secret?

The first step is to cleanse your skin thoroughly to remove all particles. You should use your favorite cleanser, preferably one that has antioxidants in the formula to keep it radiant. After that it’s time to go deep to cleanse as well as protect. From Asia, the JayJun Anti Dust Therapy Mask Whitening is a smart choice. It’s a sheet mask that makes drawing out pollutants and impurities soothingly simple. It’s a 3-step process you simply unwrap and use. The first step is the anti-dust mask to liven up and brighten skin. Then the sleeping pack, step 2, is used to lighten melanin and give skin a smooth shine. Step 3 involves an under-eye corrector to tighten the tender skin in this area. All three steps leave you with clearer, brighter, refreshed skin that has a purely even tone.

Another one to try is the JayJun Anti Dust Therapy Mask Rejuvenation. It’s another 3-step mask process that repairs and protects your skin by repelling pollution, dust and other environmental damagers. Use the fresh foam cleanser in step 1 first to thoroughly remove dirt and debris from deep down while delivering intensive moisturization. Step 2 is the mask that firms and clears your skin. Step 3 is an intensive cream that soaks deep into skin to soothe it from irritants and lock in hydration.

If you can’t change your environment, adapt. Use products like these sheet masks to help keep skin cleaner, clearer, and more youthful no matter what element surround you.