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Papa Recipe

Brightening Honey Sheet Mask by PAPA RECIPE

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  • Brightening Honey Sheet Mask by PAPA RECIPE

    Bombee whitening honey masks contains diamond powder and glutathione that nourish and smooth skin, thereby helping make your skin vibrant, bright and crystal-clear.

    It is made of all natural ingredients that are full of nutrients to replenish, rejuvenate, and hydrate your skin to protect and prevent irritants.

    Safe for all skin types : Made with organic extracts, made only with organic ingredients directly from nature, without the use of artificial preservatives, making it safe to use for everyone.

    The organic pulp mask sheet : excellent for delivering the essence and hydration of nutrients directly to the skin while increasing the absorption.

    This honey mask contains a large, super moisturizing, refreshingly soft, extremely thin paper mask. It does not contain any harmful preservatives or chemicals.

    Essence Mask is 87% liquid honey, suitable for all skin types.

    All Skin + Sensitive Skin

    25ml/ mask  

    Box = 10 masks! is all about sharing the real Korean skin care experience!

    Please help us grow our online Korean Skin Care, cosmetics and beauty products offerings by giving us some feedback!

  • Brightening Honey Mask by PAPA RECIPE

    Contains: Honey extract, propolis extract, royal jelly extract, diamond dust, glutathione, Purified water, glycerin, niacinamide, dipropylene glycol, methyl propane diol, propane diol, to hit the hydroxy cellulose, glyceryl acrylate / Acrylic Acid copolymer, propylene glycol, P V M / M Eiko polymer, trehalose blood Hydro -60 jeneyi not suited castor oil, panthenol, Carbomer, arginine, disodium dt is this, allantoin, di-potassium series glee Jay agent, hyaluronidase with sodium carbonate, extract honey (1,000ppm), propolis extract Royal jelly extract, diamond dust, glutathione, 1,2-hexane diol, glycol caprylic rilgeul, licorice extract, Schisandra chinensis extract, barberry root extract, ginger extract, green tea extract, shaddock seed extract, iris extract, perilla leaf extract, Spices, Fragrance

  • Brightening Honey Mask by PAPA RECIPE

    1. After cleansing with your favorite face wash, We love BENTON Honest Cleansing Foam.

    2. Even out skin with a toner

    3. Take the mask out of the package, carefully unfold the mask and place on face, Smooth out the mask and work out any wrinkles by smoothing from the center out. * make sure the nose flap is down and there are no gaps were the mask isn't touching your skin.

    4. Find a comfy place to relax! After 15- 20 min, Remove the mask.

    5. Let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin, Dab off any access liquids and your all done!

    6. Enjoy a refreshed feeling and piece of mind that your treating your skin to the best products available!

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  • Brightening Honey Mask by PAPA RECIPE

    This mask as a good brightening effect...  it did take me begin really consistent  with multiple uses,,, but after a few weeks I was feeling radiant and crystal clear..

    Gumii.Girl  Lucy

  • Brightening Honey Mask by PAPA RECIPE is made by a physician and his daughter with the goal to launch the safest cosmetics with all-natural ingredients that can be used in children and pregnant women. 

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