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KAO Eye Mask with Flower Scents & Steam Relaxing Eye Mask


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  • KAO Eye Mask with Flower Scents & Steam 

    The Kao eye mask is HOTTEST eye mask in Asia!

    Dry and easy-to-use, Kao eye masks relieve eye strain and stress caused by daily activities like too much computer use or too little sleep... this is something out Gumii team knows all about!
    Self-heated masks relax tired eyes with warm and soothing steam, while the delicate scents delights the senses. Safe and convenient, simply open the pack when ready to use and slip over closed eyes.

    This is Asia's most popular eye mask, We are offering 3 scents each with its own special function.

    Lavander-Sage aroma: Promote sleep and calm

    Chamomile aroma: Soothing and relaxing

    Fresh Rose Aroma: 
    Revitalization and romance

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1. Remove mask from packaging.

2. Place mask over eyes and allow mask to warm up.

Lean back and keep eyes shut for 10-15 minutes before removing eye mask.

Tips: Asian women apply eye serum before using the mask, using heat generated from this mask to boost nutrients absorption.


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    Gumii Guru Says:

    Ok Gumii Girls..... so this was kind of scary at first, I really didn't know what to expect.... I went ahead and covered my face in serum,  laid on the couch with the Chamomile aroma mask... Then BOOOM!  I was in total relaxation mode! I now take a few in my purse so I have my own mobile spa! 


    About the brand: Kao Eye Mask Group is a Japanese cosmetics company that produces prestige cosmetics, premium skin care/hair care products. They are also well-known in Japan for their Human Health Care Business, which includes products that include functional health beverages, feminine and baby care products.

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