Naisture Summer Garden Bundle


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Naisture Charcoal Purifying Black Nose Strips

WHY ACTIVATED CHARCOAL?: Made from natural carbon sources, charcoal is a great natural absorbent that helps purify and remove dirt, dead skin cell, excessive sebum, pore blockage and reduce oily buildup for normal, dry and sensitive skin. TIGHTEN PORES AND BORES: Adheres to and pulls away blackheads, our mask will help reduce the size of your pores. Wash with cold water to enhance the effect and close your pores even further!

Naisture 15 Minute Pomegranate Mask 

Only 15 minutes!!!! Yes, it has got that much essence to absorb!! Bet you didn't know Pomegranate had amazing skincare benefits !!! In just 15 minutes, the skin is supplied with sufficient amount of botanical nutrients to soothe and hydrate irritated skin caused by stress and harmful environmental pollutants, leaving skin healthy and glowing. Triple cushioned sheets maximize comfort fit on skin and better absorption of ingredients. Juicy Pomegranate, rich in isoflavone which acts as a natural estrogen, improves elasticity while softening the skin.


Naisture Veggie Slice Tomato Mask

The hypo-allergenic moisture mask will deliver anti-oxidant rich tomato essence for brighter and firming skin. Everyday Veggie Slice Mask provides nutrition from fresh and natural ingredients, leaving your skin healthy for dull and mature skin.


Naisture Premium Ginseng Mask

Revitalizing and moisturizing with Ginseng Extract. Saponin component of Ginseng Extract improves moisture level and elasticity. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Pro-vitamin B5, Trehalose and Shea Butter to smooth and revitalize. Moisturize and tighten skin with our cotton face masks infused with shea butter and ginseng extract, known for its revitalizing benefits. Developed by dermatologists in Korea, they contain natural and nourishing ingredients known to improve your skin's condition and tone.


Naisture 3 Cream Set Samples

Cica Repair Cream = Tiger grass / Centella Asiatica for instant soothing and calming effect for sensitive, irritated skin. Shea Butter and avocado oil for advanced hydration and protection. Tone-Up Cream = Niacinamide for skin tone with glowing effect. Shea Butter and Pearl Extract for advanced hydration and brightening. Water Drop Cream = Hyaluronic Acid with instant burst of water drops for long-lasting hydrating effect. Centella Asiatica and PhytoG stem Cell-R for nourished and smoother skin.

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